Vulnerability Assessments

Adriano Cyber Consulting, LLC’s vulnerability assessment teams are professionally astute at quickly and accurately assessing your system for vulnerabilities.  We identify gaps in your security controls and make clear, actionable recommendations for plugging any vulnerabilities.  We leverage NIST standard control frameworks, and roll in industry best practices, to ensure that your assessment includes the most up-to-date risks and resolutions, providing you with critical understanding of your true security risk posture.


We understand the FedRAMP process as a previous FedRAMP 3PAO?  Need assistance in preparing for your FedRAMP accreditation or with your SSP and other artifacts?  We understand the complexities of leveraging existing Authorizations and quickly identify gaps in leveraged implementations.  Our cybersecurity experts quickly analyze your monthly scanning results and notify you of any concerns.  We have in-house penetration testing experts to meet your initial and annual requirements.  Re-authorization is streamlined because we maintain comprehensive annual control validation and continuous monitoring records that demonstrate the ongoing security posture of your system.